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A crappy dump of Samir.  He’s such a brat.

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A commission that I’ve been working on this week between…well.. work.  A really great commissioner (rackthejipper) asked me to reimagine a Naga bro i drew a few years ago but this time have him fighting an amazonian lady.  

So while drawing it i sorta came up with a star-crossed lovers scenario in my head.   Qetza (as i came to call him) is used to being worshipped by his fellow Naga warriors, being one of the strongest, bravest (read: brash and stupid) and instilling legends and awe in the humans they occasionally interact with.  The two races don’t have much contact, only glimpses of each other in rare instances.  However the humans are so struck by his majesty that they’ve started to view him as a God, and are sacrificing lives to appease him.  One of these lives was our amazon warrior’s sister, and she’s come for revenge.  Not only is Qet taken aback by such violence against him by a seemingly lesser race, he can’t imagine anyone not worshipping the ground he … slithers.. on.  Unable to best the other in battle, the two enter into a different kind of battle, one of curiosity and discovery.  

Taboo relationships. Adorbs.  Also, happy valentine’s day?????  Try to stab your crush in the face today!!

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Final Fantasy XV: Road Trip side quest


Final Fantasy XV: Road Trip side quest

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I got my first tattoo yesterday! A set of fox paws on my feet. Celebrating my 18th birthday couldn’t be more fun. <3

Wow this looks so awkward.

I sure hope they’re the one that commissioned Mariel Rich for that design, otherwise that’s a nice, shiny, stolen design tattoo done by an asshole artist who has no qualms about using stolen work.

More likely, they just went to Google and searched “fox paw print”, because that one shows up within the first ten results—oddly, the one that shows up is ON HER PAGE stating that she designed it.

Oh wow, I just randomly stumbled upon this tonight. I am Mariel Rich and, indeed, this is a stolen design of one of my tattoos. I’m mostly just commenting to say thank you to calleo, I’m quite flattered that you recognized my design enough to realize it was stolen and went through the process of researching it to give credit where it was due. 

For the record, the person who got this tattoo did email me after reading this comment. At first she was apologetic and sincere about taking my design, in which case I didn’t feel so bad. But then she turned around and said she DIDN’T steal my design, and it was just coincidence that her design happened to look identical to mine.

I realize this is a decently simple design, but one of the reasons I know she must have specifically brought in a picture of my tattoo is touched upon in yourtattoosactuallysuck’s comment…the tattoo looks really awkward. My (original) tattoo is as well, because this is actually a very bad placement. I had to specifically beg and sort of yell at my artist because placement was very important for me spiritually and aesthetically. For anyone else, the paw should be moved way further into the middle of the foot and off of the toes, and the dew claw moved away from the ankle. Getting tattoos that close to the toes is not only painful, but very bad concerning wear- with the same issue on the dew claw. I had to fight with my tattoo artist to get it placed there (and deal with more frequent touchups), where this girl probably just said “I want it like this” because there is no way a tattoo artist happened to design my exact tattoo with this same less than ideal placement.

Also fun fact, I designed someone a whitetail deer version of this tattoo for free because they asked nicely. Which just makes it all the more annoying that someone stole a tattoo that is incredibly important to me when you could just commission me or even politely ask for your own design.

 Funny enough the blog in question is gone. 

Bold for the people who claim “artists don’t care” if you steal their work for a tattoo.

Also, to the actual artist in this case, no problem. :) It was super easy to find your page and that exact design, which is something the OP apparently also did, and just didn’t bother to ask for permission to use it.

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